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Société limited liability (SA): what is it?

SA is a classic legal form of society. In France, every company must be categorized by a legal status in the professional world. What is the way a public limited company operates and what are its modalities? We explain everything about the public limited company in this article.

Why use a chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated interlocutor. It creates a conversation between a human and a computer. Usually you have a conversation with another person through an app (such as WhatsApp), but chatbots don’t talk to another person, but to a computer.

“WLY* REMISEREDUC.FR”: what is it?

When you check your bank statement, you may have noticed fees that you don’t know where it came from. It appears under the name “remisereduc” or under the label “CB WLY* REMISEREDUCI.FR”, as if you had made a payment by credit card at a merchant. But this name doesn’t tell you anything, so why is your account debited? What can

Superethanol stations: where and how to find bioethanol in France?

Have you recently installed in kit superethanol on your vehicle? Are you considering choosing this fuel instead of conventional unleaded gasoline and are wondering if you can easily find superethanol in gas stations in France? We tell you everything about how to find bioethanol in France.